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Скачать с ютуб How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

Опубликовано: 3 нояб. 2017 г. 5 436 572 просмотра

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What if we could stop aging forever?

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How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

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    Blueyandicy Год назад Posting this on such a old video? Nice determination man.
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    Joseph Parkes Год назад Looking at this... You explained cancer as "I don't want to die" cells that keep on splitting. Wouldn't it be ironic then to cure aging with cancer? Know what I mean?
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    J 11 месяцев назад I'm sorry but NAD+ CAN cross the cell membrane.. the theory that it cannot do this has recently been denied.
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    Alexander Korol 10 месяцев назад Next, teach us how to cure sleep
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    ChaseME995 8 месяцев назад The gmo advances video connects with this one
  • Max Munte
    Max Munte 7 месяцев назад Uhm. Lets start with feeding ourselves correctly. Incorporate a simple thing like fasting increases your lifespan by up to 50% and this has practically been proven all over all the stuff you mentioned in this video is kinda blown away by something like that. Most of the aging we do nowadays is because of bad lifestyles. Before looking into how we resolve everything else we should fix our lifestyle. Because if you fast and eat healthy you chances of getting cancer or dementia are slim to none.
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    thecreatorofthedark 5 месяцев назад I hope you guys do a follow up
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    Connor O'Riley 3 месяца назад How’s the progress of human testing in the near future (now that it is the near future)
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    John Laurens 2 года назад you gotta go into the sims 3 menu and disable aging
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    Kainos Teleos 2 года назад naaaa. You can do the same in the Sims 4 settings. And you even get medicine to stop aging, while other Sim still age. or you simply mod your game with a immortality trait or the "Be a sorcerer mod", with makes you immortal at Dark magic lv 10 + Immortality ritual. Or simply let yourself be bitten by a vampire and skill sunresistance, or hibernate in your coffin for 2 generations. So many ways to live eternally in the Sims 4^^
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    bing bong 2 года назад Kainos Teleos i love this
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    why do people use sentences instead of nicknames? 2 года назад John Laurens, it won't help, I have sims installed just so I can enable aging for everyone. You will thank me later.
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    John Laurens 2 года назад Elizabeth Schuyler tell your husband im arranging another bukkake and his family is invited
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    gaby gay Год назад how did u know your dead .... who killed u ... the British guy ... k bai am I going crazy
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    Amilcar Cuevas 10 месяцев назад John Laurens aaa wrong You have to go to sims 4
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    Spencer Huyck 8 месяцев назад Kainos Teleos if it’s sims 4 I’m afraid electronic arts will make you have to pay 1tril$ to do that
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    shagufta parkar 5 месяцев назад This is a serious topic
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    SamiDaDerp Has An Unhealthy Obsession With Roblox 3 месяца назад Lmao
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    Olaf Karbownik 3 месяца назад John Laurens you...are the smartest man in the world
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    Kaexe Wirus 2 месяца назад I wish I had PLUS... did you forget the new update... I can't... pay...
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    Fighter 202 2 месяца назад If only it were that simple
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    Smokey Brown 2 месяца назад @Jesus Vieira fucc u its a joke
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    Matthew Curry 2 недели назад this made me lmao.
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    Cosmic 2 дня назад hey laurens where’s your boyfriend hamilton
  • Santiago Huerta
    Santiago Huerta Год назад Bunnys jump and live 15 years maximum Turtle do literally nothing and live 150 years Laziness is the key
  • Chris Seger
    Chris Seger Год назад Metabolism is the key. The faster the metabolism, the quicker things seems to age. How much correlation there is in humans is the real question.
  • Pi
    Pi Год назад @Chris Seger r/wooooooosh
  • spindash64
    spindash64 Год назад Chris Seger Humans do live a lot longer than most mammals of similar weight... I also know that Humans are pretty much fine tuned for long distance running and travel (as in, literally strolling after prey until the prey just says “fuck this, I’m done” and dies from exhaustion). I don’t know how that would relate to metabolism for size, but it wouldn’t surprise if some of the adaptations to maintain sufficient aerobic respiration going even under physical stress, would also play a role in helping to reduce long term tissue damage and help more complete repair of damaged tissue (people do scar over more as well, but said scar tissue is generally tougher as well)
  • Yoda Master
    Yoda Master Год назад (изменено) pizzaslize - Clams May live up to 400 years old
  • S Yarbro
    S Yarbro Год назад how about the jellyfish who can live indefinitely?
  • Chad Kimberley
    Chad Kimberley Год назад (изменено) @Chris Seger You got it the wrong way around, slow metabolism leads to weight gain, fast metabolism makes you skinny. Caloric restriction, meaning eating low amounts of calories, leads to a longer life. The key to a longer life is being skinny, eating rarely and having a fast metabolism. This is probably why women statistically live longer than men, because men tend to be larger and eat more. But then again, who tf wants to live to 100? Seems like a miserable existence.
  • Groveish
    Groveish 11 месяцев назад No bunny lives that long. Try cats
  • S Yarbro
    S Yarbro 11 месяцев назад flies and small insects only live days to weeks, but they perceive time much more rapidly
  • The Mellow Fellow
    The Mellow Fellow 11 месяцев назад Not laziness but rather slower
  • Wyatt Nooodles
    Wyatt Nooodles 10 месяцев назад the thing is, this is actually kind of true
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    The Great Adam06 9 месяцев назад Guys I think I could be immortal
  • Pi
    Pi 9 месяцев назад MCPE Addons Says the guy named MCPE Addons
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 8 месяцев назад S Yarbro:  do we actually know how such insects perceive time?
  • Trey Slider
    Trey Slider 8 месяцев назад That's actually not far off: metabolism is expensive, and the more active you are, the more your body has to repair the wear and tear, which means more senescence cells.
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 8 месяцев назад Yoda Master:  Clams, 400 years old?  Yeah, that explains that clam chowder episode last month (spent all week one night in the bathroom, genuflecting to the porcelain god).
  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 8 месяцев назад so if you don't do bothing to use your organs or cell, so you don't consume them, GENIOUS.
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 8 месяцев назад sasso sasso:  what?  bothing?  GENIOUS?  and the rest of your reply--WHAT?
  • Robert Nivoa
    Robert Nivoa 7 месяцев назад Fasting 16 to 20 hours everyday with four to five hours for eating. no alcohol no smoking not too much sun and plenty of good water, fruits and vegetables and protein from lamb or pork or just beans of any kind lentils black beans Pinto beans soybeans garbanzos and so on.
  • Hiraeth
    Hiraeth 7 месяцев назад pizzaslize BRO WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME WOAH MY MIND IS GONE 😂😂😂
  • dogboy0912
    dogboy0912 6 месяцев назад There's very little natural selection for long life. If you die after the ensured survival of the later generation and it doesn't affect their chances of success down the line, that's all that nature "cares about." if we needed to be healthier while older, that would put a selective pressure on humans and maybe after many generations we'd see people that lived longer on average.
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  • Neel Sani
    Neel Sani 4 месяца назад Big brain
  • Doctor Entropy
    Doctor Entropy 4 месяца назад @Chad Kimberley A slower metabolism doesn't necessarely mean shorter life or weight gain for that matter, unless you eat more than your metabolism can handle. A slower metabolism, in simple terms, means you don't need to eat as much as something with a high metabolism to live the same amount of time. Something with a high metabolism, say a mouse, needs to eat alot more food in a week in comparison to, say, a human, or elephant. Some animals have such a slow metabolism they can go for about a year without food. You don't need a fast metabolism to live a long life, and you don't necessarely need to be skinny either, you just need to have your essential vitamins, minerals and not live near harmful areas, like a coal factory or Logan Paul's neighborhood.
    SOVIET UNION COMMUNIST PROPAGANDIST:LET'S RESTORE 4 месяца назад Well then guess I'll live forever then😁😁😁
    SOVIET UNION COMMUNIST PROPAGANDIST:LET'S RESTORE 4 месяца назад @S Yarbro They don't actually live indefinitely,they revert back to their youth form,presumably losing all their memories and everything they had up to that point.Basically like rebirthing in itrtg(Idling to ruke the gods),or real life.
    SOVIET UNION COMMUNIST PROPAGANDIST:LET'S RESTORE 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Chad Kimberley "Being skinny,eating rarely and having a fast metabolism" IS THIS A PERSONAL ATTACK OR SOMETHING
  • sunny0210
    sunny0210 4 месяца назад @Doctor Entropy Thank you. actually, if you think about it, wouldn't it mean that people with slow metabolisms are "winning" genetically from an evolutionary standpoint, since they go longer periods of time without food and thus survive more easily. Fast metabolisms are nice in todays culture with an abundance of food and a preference for an slimmer figure, however if you really think about it having a slow metabolism saves you money and is more eco-friendly :D this comforts me a little being the slower metabolism one in my family where my sister and my brother can eat three servings of pasta and stay lean and I eat 3/4 of a plate to maintain the same leanness.
  • sunny0210
    sunny0210 4 месяца назад @Chad Kimberley This is actually wrong in many ways. Doctor Entropy already corrected you but I want to add, that women generally have slower metabolisms and a higher body fat percentage naturally, due to fertility and reproductive purposes. Women eat less, since their metabolism is slower. Have you never seen those teenage boys, who can eat what feels like 5000 kcal a day and stay skinny, while women often opt for a salad for dinner? Also, women statistically longer because of the XX chromosome, I think you slept during your biology class in high school.
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    Barkee[ST] 3 месяца назад @Achu 03 I feel like the "r/woosh" is an excuse for shut up. Smh.
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    Daniel 3 месяца назад @Barkee[ST] Nobody wants a lecture after telling a joke from some reactionary that just can't keep their mouth shut because the opportunity to show off the size of his .... is just too irresistible, so yeah, it kinda is. Know what they car said to the cow? Eh, cars and cows can't talk, in fact, blah blah blah.
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    Aileen Lanip 3 месяца назад I saw that in the memes
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    cruisermaster19 3 месяца назад @Achu 03 No, you don't understand. this comment was supossed to be a joke
  • Guruh Sepitara Atmodjo
    Guruh Sepitara Atmodjo 2 месяца назад Can any one explain to me? Which one better, fast metabolism or slow one? When speaking fat loss, I think fast metabolism is best, but when speaking youthful look, it will best with slow metabolism.
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    Aaron DaBOi 2 месяца назад @Pi I wanted to put that but thx as you did it before me
  • M1kster Lee
    M1kster Lee 2 месяца назад Turtles eat our plastic
  • Sum Randum Guy
    Sum Randum Guy 2 месяца назад Guruh Sepitara Atmodjo slow metabolism means your cells r dying and reproducing less frequently. Seeing as currently our cells can only do this a limited amount of times, there is a case for slowing metabolism having its value
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    abhishek yadav 1 месяц назад You know nothing
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    Xl Yao 1 месяц назад Santiago Huerta lol
  • Raman chaudhary
    Raman chaudhary 1 месяц назад Your statement is based in fact eating less calories can keep you younger
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    Monky Dance 2 недели назад Pi Let him explain, no need to woosh
  • Ash
    Ash Неделю назад @Chad Kimberley ye but if you live to 100, chances are, you'd also be one of these OAP's who were still healthy & going on holidays @ 90.
  • Tuneless Steak
    Tuneless Steak Неделю назад If you ask most old people who are 90-100+ about their life they will tell you they just relaxed and never gave too many fucks about stuff. So yes being lazy and stressfree is probably the biggest factor you can personally control to extend your life.
  • King_ Mega
    King_ Mega 6 дней назад If we could Genetically engineer our own cells that could get rid of senecent cells then we're all out!
  • Sports Fails
    Sports Fails 4 дня назад @Chris Seger it has almost 100% relevance to humans. The metabolic pathways and basic biochem of humans is almost the same as bunnies and turtles, or bacteria and plants for that matter.
  • Your Colors6
    Your Colors6 Год назад If we live longer we will be able to watch this channel longer.
    DEMON XD 8 месяцев назад Science hurry up goddammit staph it with new crazy guns we need LIFEEE extension!
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    ivan lau 8 месяцев назад Oorah.
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    MacskaBajusz 7 месяцев назад First clever comment I see from viewers on this video
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    diarykeeper 3 месяца назад For the whole Kurzgesagt crew, that is !
    IABI TV 3 месяца назад What if Kurztgesagt team doesn't cure their aging :(
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    Nameless Guy 3 месяца назад @DEMON XD more like funding!!!
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    Dreams * Неделю назад Yes
  • Wanda Therra Nova
    Wanda Therra Nova Неделю назад Now this is my life goal
  • IamAGoldenBee YT
    IamAGoldenBee YT Год назад In 2050 we will be able to prolong our lives 2050: creates skateboard that can jump by itself
  • Ledio Zefi
    Ledio Zefi Год назад In 2050 we will be able to prolong our lives 2050: 2051st gender has been created
  • Wholesome Content Only
    Wholesome Content Only Год назад @Ledio Zefi what's sad is that it could already become a reality in the next year.
  • Ayomide Idowu
    Ayomide Idowu Год назад In 2050 I’ll come back to this comment and if you’re right , ill like this
  • David Henry
    David Henry Год назад @Ajay how do you know he will be dead i,ll only be 46 by then
  • BurakkuHishou
    BurakkuHishou Год назад It's terrifying how right this is. More so about Ledio's comment. Insanity isn't being regulated and its effecting everything.
  • Kristers Feldmanis
    Kristers Feldmanis Год назад @BurakkuHishou Remember those days when mentally deranged people were taken into an asylum as quick as possible? How the times have changed. Young and insane people are given a platform to speak on, the power to influence freedom of speech with force and so on. Mentally deranged college students are given a platform to influence the private lives of millions of people, and it is seen as progressive. These are the same people that would be in an asylum back in those days. Insanity is sanity and sanity is insanity, just like how 1984's government said that peace is war and war is peace. How the times have changed...And the only way is down.
  • N3sKey
    N3sKey Год назад oh you be joking now, but the SK8 B8 will be the next big meme in 2050
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    Rainbow Panda Год назад @Kristers Feldmanis couldn't have said it better myself
  • Hamad Sadoun
    Hamad Sadoun Год назад In 2050 most of earth creatures will be extinct!
  • Dylan B
    Dylan B Год назад BurakkuHishou people aren’t insane just because they make you uncomfortable, stop being such a child.
  • Nihil Ego
    Nihil Ego 11 месяцев назад (изменено) @BurakkuHishou Remember that the big bad SJWs are a tiny vocal minority ridiculed by the majority and whom we give way too much importance and spotlight instead of concentrating our efforts and attention on more important matters. Same thing goes for their right wing equivalent.
  • Supertaldo916
    Supertaldo916 11 месяцев назад How does gender orientation have to do with sanity or insanity? Bet you haven't set a foot on Med school to talk so loosely about serious topics as you think you can. You don't seem half as clever as you think you sound, son, so stfu and get educated before you type bs everywhere.
  • Adam Abdi
    Adam Abdi 11 месяцев назад Funny comment but I don't agree. Ok fine maybe I agree with it a bit.
  • Maxy
    Maxy 10 месяцев назад 1950s: "In 2020 we will colonise Mars!" 2020: People are concerned they might miss an episode of Keep up with Kardashians.
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    Seth Boehm 10 месяцев назад @Kristers Feldmanis stfu you old boomer.
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    Eesma Aura 9 месяцев назад Aaahhhhh still remember the 17th century when kid get sent to mental asylum for masterbating, look at us as society now letting a lot of people who suppose to sit behind a close room willy nilly into the society
  • Shamusson
    Shamusson 9 месяцев назад @Eesma Aura An asylum for masturbators should be reintroduced.
  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 8 месяцев назад where.
  • Timothy McBride
    Timothy McBride 8 месяцев назад But can it do a kickflip?
  • yates
    yates 8 месяцев назад 2050: global warming now has killed everything! we won mothernature!
  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 8 месяцев назад @yates that's not how it's gonna work.
  • armzngunz
    armzngunz 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Kristers Feldmanis Because asylums were soooo good back in the day and totallyyyy didn't put mentally healthy people into shock and ice-water therapy for various other reasons.
  • I sold my kids in Vietnam
    I sold my kids in Vietnam 6 месяцев назад @Dylan B soy
  • H
    H 6 месяцев назад Ayomide Idowu let me know bro!
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    Zachary Kariotis 6 месяцев назад @Ayomide Idowu ahhhahahahahaahahhaahahahahh
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    Super Ruler 5 месяцев назад If Scythe in correct death will be defeated completely by 2048.
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    Clappin Cheeks 5 месяцев назад Golden Bee YT probably
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    HK Penguin 4 месяца назад Golden Bee YT probably gonna happen
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    wojtekpolska 2 месяца назад what you will be doing on 4/20/2069 ?
  • Jax 0423
    Jax 0423 2 месяца назад Wrong year time traveler.
  • Rene Christensen
    Rene Christensen 2 месяца назад @Maxy Well we are working seriously towards that goal. We might be a decade off though.
  • Maria Popp
    Maria Popp 1 месяц назад They already found it:" Coronavirus" COVID 19
  • IamAGoldenBee YT
    IamAGoldenBee YT 1 месяц назад @Adam Abdi lmao
  • IamAGoldenBee YT
    IamAGoldenBee YT 1 месяц назад @Timothy McBride wait for it!
  • IamAGoldenBee YT
    IamAGoldenBee YT 1 месяц назад @Maria Popp what? I bet it cant do a kickflip on darkside.
  • Political politics
    Political politics 1 месяц назад @Nihil Ego social justice is only ridiculed in nations full of murder and corruption, you think you're being balanced but that must been the worst false equivalence I've read.
  • Political politics
    Political politics 1 месяц назад @Ledio Zefi technology has nothing to do with sociology, troll.
  • Nihil Ego
    Nihil Ego 1 месяц назад @Political politics If refusing to go into monistic extremes is being balanced, than I shall be balanced. There's a reason I pick Neutral over Law and Chaos in SMT after all.
  • Malyshka Cub
    Malyshka Cub 7 месяцев назад The important part in all of these studies: "Their hair regrew"