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Скачать с ютуб How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

Опубликовано: 13 окт. 2011 г. 19 733 028 просмотров

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On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

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  • SB User
    SB User 4 месяца назад (изменено) How to spot a liar : 1. Their noses get a little bit longer each time they lie. 2. Their pants are on fire. Follow these tips, and you will be able to spot a liar instantly!
  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 4 месяца назад Michael Jackson must have been the most truthful person in history.
  • Sandra Gonzalez-Dennis
    Sandra Gonzalez-Dennis 4 месяца назад 😂
  • Garrett Portwood
    Garrett Portwood 4 месяца назад (изменено) 3. They ask for $3.50
  • Meas Chansok Vibol 7M
    Meas Chansok Vibol 7M 3 месяца назад no if they pee their pants when u yell at em
  • Bruce Behnke
    Bruce Behnke 3 месяца назад 🤥🤥🤥🤦🤣
  • Ender - A játék az életem
    Ender - A játék az életem 3 месяца назад And now I'm going to ruin your joke. Experiments actually show, that people who lie, produce a hormone that actually makes the nose a teeny-tiny bit bigger, and that's why liars often touch their nose when speaking.
  • SB User
    SB User 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Ender - A játék az életem Why do you think it was a joke? That is actually the first and most important tip.
  • Bruce Behnke
    Bruce Behnke 3 месяца назад @Ender - A játék az életem a guy named (al- cohol) told me big nose from drinking! 🤥He had strawberry nose. 🙃🤦🤥😂
  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 2 месяца назад My fiance cheated on me and her pants were not on fire. The nose thing is true, just be careful about the pants
  • Jake
    Jake 1 месяц назад What if their plants are for hire?
  • #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe
    #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe 1 месяц назад @Garrett Portwood I GAVE HIM THE TREE FIDDY
  • 정신병동환자
    정신병동환자 1 месяц назад ?lol
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад @Ender - A játék az életem Liar! 😂😂😂😂
  • Michael Sweeney
    Michael Sweeney 3 недели назад when i suspect someone i'm speaking to is not honest, i ask "you're not ted talking me,are you"?
  • Blade Gaming
    Blade Gaming 3 недели назад XD
  • Stanton Cree
    Stanton Cree Неделю назад @Ender - A játék az életem It's a sign of anxiety not lying, sure those who aren't use to lying may touch their nose because they are anxious but it's not a tell tale sign.....look at Slavoj Zizek, he keeps touching his nose is philosopher that speaks in abstract terms constantly lying? Or is it that he is just bit anxious because he is afraid of public speaking? Well same thing with schizoid person or person with avoidant personality disorder, they are afraid of social interaction so it makes them anxious, there are NO ways to detect if someone is lying via body language, the only way you could do that is if you were a super-computer that in real time performed analysis of language behavior, there are clear linguistic markers of deception however it's same as with body language it can be interpreted in multiple ways, correlation does not equate causation.
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 4 дня назад Jake - That is called Sandy Burgering.....
  • Douche Dick
    Douche Dick 1 месяц назад There are two kinds of people watching this video: 1. People who want to spot liars 2. People who want to get better at lying
  • SSThunDerHawK
    SSThunDerHawK 4 недели назад or people bored in isolation who have fallen down the youtube rabbit hole
  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi 4 недели назад What about both
  • Radha Punjabi
    Radha Punjabi 3 недели назад (изменено) Ha ha i am the first type. Someone in my online classes is muting and removing everyone and I want to find out who. ☺️
  • WalterLiddy
    WalterLiddy 3 недели назад Nah - I'm just here to see what she has to say. I don't assume she knows what she's talking about.
  • S
    S 3 недели назад @SSThunDerHawK bingo!
  • Fanica Nomana
    Fanica Nomana 3 недели назад SSThunDerHawK you’re a liar 🤥
  • Your Senpai
    Your Senpai 2 недели назад bOtH
  • •Soul arix•
    •Soul arix• 2 недели назад Im a mix of both.
  • Robin Andersson
    Robin Andersson 2 недели назад Or ppl who know How to lie and wanted to see How wrong she was 😂 Would like to test it out. Ser if she could Bust me.
  • Codreanu Dan
    Codreanu Dan 2 недели назад Why not both?
  • Lloyd Carmona
    Lloyd Carmona 2 недели назад 3. Both 1 & 2
  • Stephani Rodriguez
    Stephani Rodriguez 2 недели назад and the students who are being assigned ted talk videos for public speaking because we got no school
  • Nikko Spelled Like That
    Nikko Spelled Like That Неделю назад I want to spot liars, want to become a better liar (though I’m pretty good If I do say so myself. (Supposedly that’s not something to be proud of.)), I’m bored in quarantine, and watching this for school. Four for Four! Or am I?
  • Stanton Cree
    Stanton Cree Неделю назад You won't be able to spot liars via this video, and if you want to get better at lying practice your speeches and use words with neutral emotional coefficient, also learn double speak, best profession that learns you how to lie is advertising.
  • Stanton Cree
    Stanton Cree Неделю назад @WalterLiddy She doesn't, i've heard that bullshit over and over, came to realize that, for the most part people are dyslexic, they don't really listen or care, respond mostly to dichotomous thinking, and emotionally disregulated so much so that even if a liar kept telling them that he/she was lying to them, they wouldn't believe it, next even if they were in perfect mental health they'd still need to be EXTREMELY conscious, self aware, aware of different deception methods, and experts in linguistic analysis, to even be able to suspect that someone is lying to them, unless of course that lies are extremely obvious, but nobody is concerned with those, you want to detect that which you can't at the moment, and there is a reason why you can't, because we as humans are lousy at detecting deception, so often lies are toxic product inside a positive wrap.
  • Stephani Rodriguez
    Stephani Rodriguez Неделю назад Nikko Spelled Like That literally me
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 4 дня назад SSThunDerHawK - Doesn't that fall under, spot the liar telling them they have to stay inside?
  • Beatriz Portugal
    Beatriz Portugal 16 часов назад I'm both 😊
  • The champs of Gaming
    The champs of Gaming 4 часа назад Both bro
  • Hnin Oo Wai
    Hnin Oo Wai 6 месяцев назад Imagine her kids trying to lie to her
  • Dovydas Šablevičius
    Dovydas Šablevičius 6 месяцев назад Same
  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi 5 месяцев назад Hnin Oo Wai Poor kids
  • Fifa Is scripted
    Fifa Is scripted 5 месяцев назад Well, given the increased difficulty, they will adapt to it and become very good liars
  • MrKimSeanUn
    MrKimSeanUn 5 месяцев назад (изменено) My dad was lie detector for a major organization, made me super deceptive and sly my lies are to good. Yet now I can't stop lying I catch myself and it's so horrible. :(
  • Ant B
    Ant B 5 месяцев назад Yea, but that is different... It is the context and they almost certainly have a track record... It is like an employee giving you a story as to why they were off on a certain day; sometimes you give them the benefit of the doubt but mostly you have heard it all before or they are trying too hard... Like your kids, more often than not you can read them like a book and if you know what the motivation is, they are entirely transparent...
  • Jeff Missy Honea
    Jeff Missy Honea 4 месяца назад #2 is sterile.
  • asdfghyter
    asdfghyter 4 месяца назад @Fifa Is scripted The trick is to make sure they don't need to lie. Encourage and reward honesty, even when it is about things you really don't want to hear.
  • Sleeping Beauty aka SA
    Sleeping Beauty aka SA 4 месяца назад @Fifa Is scripted true...!!
  • Sleeping Beauty aka SA
    Sleeping Beauty aka SA 4 месяца назад @Fifa Is scripted TRUE
  • S. O.
    S. O. 3 месяца назад @MrKimSeanUn Your dad might be using that lie detector trick where they let you think you are getting over on them so you get more comfortable while lying and start slipping. He might often pretend to believe you maybe that's why you think you're such a good liar..
  • MrKimSeanUn
    MrKimSeanUn 3 месяца назад @S. O. Jesus I never thought of that 😂.
  • Jen Soon Ng
    Jen Soon Ng 3 месяца назад Her kids gotta be NSA level pros by now
  • PigIA
    PigIA 2 месяца назад I actually know her kid.
  • PigIA
    PigIA 2 месяца назад And yes... she is good at lying
  • Tommy 2pieceYa
    Tommy 2pieceYa 2 месяца назад Instill common sense, self-worth, and confidence into your children, then you won't have to worry about them lying to you, just say'n...
  • Junko Nakamura
    Junko Nakamura 1 месяц назад She might have pretended that her kids succeeded to lie on her. But definitely a big NO towards her husband.
  • valorous knight
    valorous knight 1 месяц назад They themselves be trained detecting lies as they are so she equally in trouble
  • ilmi haqim abdul nasir
    ilmi haqim abdul nasir 1 месяц назад They maybe adapt and become super deceptive
  • M.B
    M.B 2 недели назад I know people have already said this from when you commented to now but they would get better at lying but not good enough until a curtain age. Do you want to be a good lier? Try your best to mask your body language, act surprised. Be formal and direct, a lier always tries to direct the attention at others. Politicians sometimes do that when they are asked a question they can't answer, they change everyones attention to something else instead of being direct. Don't do that, not completely. But slightly, just to an unnoticable amount. You can't mask your body language completely, that's extremely difficult. Your eyes and face say enough when a bad lier starts talking, and even good liers have slip ups (sometimes) and they know it, but can't do anything about it. I don't have the time nor patience to practice my deception since it's already good enough and most people aren't that good at detecting a lie.
  • Kitty Kitty
    Kitty Kitty 7 месяцев назад If you cross your fingers behind your back it doesn't count as a lie.
  • Lisa Moonstrike
    Lisa Moonstrike 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • Peter Villasenor
    Peter Villasenor 4 месяца назад Facts
  • Vratisłav Ślężny
    Vratisłav Ślężny 3 месяца назад That's true! x
  • Jmiester
    Jmiester 1 месяц назад WTF you can't just reveal our secrets.
  • deca gon
    deca gon 2 месяца назад (изменено) anyone who smiles after saying that their kids was abused is not just a liar, its a psychopath 15:49 her smile after hearing that is so creepy
  • Eyosyas Ayalew
    Eyosyas Ayalew 2 месяца назад Exactly.. actually I got to the comments section trying to make that comment.. very creepy indeed. OMg
  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 1 месяц назад No not a psychopath, a psychopath will be an excellent liar in these situations that people watching her will not be able to know the truth just from her expression
  • Tanvi Bhardwaj
    Tanvi Bhardwaj 1 месяц назад That scared me
  • #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe
    #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe 1 месяц назад Am I the only one who laughed at the utter ridiculousness of her words followed by the perfectly comedic timed smile? I mean, come on, it was so blatantly bad that it looked ridiculous. It's not creepy to me because she failed so hard at trying to get away with something like that.
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад (изменено) She's a sociopath, not a psychopath. Psychopaths are excellent mimics/actors.
  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 4 месяца назад So there's no need to spot a liar because everyone's a liar...ironic
  • Getoverhere
    Getoverhere 4 месяца назад That's why I try to reduce contacts with people to a minimum.
  • Dawn Case
    Dawn Case 4 месяца назад @Getoverhere You are missing out on life if you do that. Maybe you are more afraid of what people will see in you.
  • Getoverhere
    Getoverhere 4 месяца назад @Dawn Case It is just comfortable. No big deal actually.
  • Diamondust
    Diamondust 2 месяца назад it’s not about spotting a liar, we all are. it’s about being able to spot a lie, knowing when you’re being deceived. i don’t know, sounds pretty useful to me.
  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 2 месяца назад What if there really weren't no do we know lies exist in such a screwed up reality?
  • GazingLight
    GazingLight 2 месяца назад 1 plus 1 equals 2
  • Prakhar Thapliyal
    Prakhar Thapliyal 1 месяц назад In a world full of bad, good is the one who is less bad.
  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 1 месяц назад One mans lie is another mans truth and one mans truth is another mans lie.
  • #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe
    #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe 1 месяц назад @Sky Ryder Indeed. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад You liar! 😂😂😂😂
  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 1 месяц назад @Billy Andrew 😁😂😂😂
  • Diyali Yumnam
    Diyali Yumnam Неделю назад everyone's a liar but in everyone's eyes there's always someone who's truthful maybe her speech was to clear the fog...
  • Kobi Benlevi
    Kobi Benlevi 4 месяца назад (изменено) Me while watching a tedtalk: wow this is amazing. I am now a changed person Me, two months later: hey what was that again about spotting a liar?
  • Jen Soon Ng
    Jen Soon Ng 3 месяца назад Stop lying
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад (изменено) Tell the truth, for goodness sake, that's you only a week later. 😂
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 1 день назад (изменено) So that women who married a tree must have been telling the truth. She did love the giant red wood....
  • Adebayo T
    Adebayo T 4 месяца назад liars: Okay, thanks for the tip. stepping up my game
  • ok daria
    ok daria 2 месяца назад lmaooo
  • Emmy Gass
    Emmy Gass 7 месяцев назад How to spot a liar: Are they a human being? If yes, congratulations. You've spotted a liar.
  • PollasEnVinagre
    PollasEnVinagre 6 месяцев назад wow… very smart
  • iEmirjan Ademiiuvyvi
    iEmirjan Ademiiuvyvi 6 месяцев назад ه٩
  • Jon Osterman
    Jon Osterman 6 месяцев назад What a lame attempt at a clever remark. You didn't actually watch, because she spend the first ten minutes saying just that. And you damn well know this about how to spot when a liar is lying.
  • Bull
    Bull 1 месяц назад Gorilla
  • arlo247
    arlo247 Неделю назад Lol
  • T Harm
    T Harm 7 месяцев назад I grew up in a home where I was constantly under suspicion. I was always the first to be accused of something. I now automatically act guilty when someone accuses me of something even if I am innocent. I even failed a lie detector test because I was under so much stress from being accused and I felt like no one would believe me.
  • B Abdullah
    B Abdullah 7 месяцев назад 😪😪
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 6 месяцев назад Yep people need to really wake up and stop believing absolutely everything the self-proclaimed body language experts say.. too many innocent people are being made to look guilty and too many honest people are being made to look deceitful .
  • kirk mcloren
    kirk mcloren 5 месяцев назад Then your polygraph operator was a hack
  • Naverly Budgin
    Naverly Budgin 5 месяцев назад T Harm - lol ..Why were you given a lie detecters test?
  • domenic fieldhouse
    domenic fieldhouse 5 месяцев назад Just like when playing poker, to see if someone is lying you have to establish balance and the best way to do that is to ask them something you know they are telling the truth about but that is still a tense question. Once you have done that you have established their baseline and even if people act suspiscious when they are innocent this will usually come across in the form of physical cues. Verbal cues however tend to be pretty unbalanced, the choice of someone's wording, the tense they use, are they over defending their lie. These things tend to be pretty good indicators for these people but even for some people it can be hard to tell, this being said people will inevitably have a 'tell' because lying uses alot more of you're brain than telling the truth does
  • Techno Mage
    Techno Mage 5 месяцев назад And that's exactly why they are not permissible in court
  • Debbie Montague
    Debbie Montague 4 месяца назад You where emotionally abused its not your fault
  • C PF
    C PF 3 месяца назад Operators who run the tests each have their own individual criteria for a lie: there is no standardised scoring system!
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад @C PF So, basically, they're lying.
  • perfectmuch
    perfectmuch 3 недели назад @Naverly Budgin There CAN be smoke without fire. "Good" liars and smearers use that stupid myth against honest people.
  • Jack Ack
    Jack Ack Неделю назад What you are saying is a lie....
  • svobodnik
    svobodnik Неделю назад I can believe this. When you "strangely" react to a question it can be due to past experiences. I wonder how prevalent this is, in the polygraph world?
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 4 дня назад What is look guilty? I have been perfecting my looks afraid for cop encounters. I could have some real fun with looks guilty....
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 4 дня назад Naverly Budgin - Only reason I can come up with, is to identify if there are any honest cops so you know how many you are going to be shooting.
  • Charlie Kennedy
    Charlie Kennedy 1 день назад Liar
  • Dashers100
    Dashers100 6 месяцев назад “That’s the only asymmetrical expression” Raises one eyebrow
  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 6 месяцев назад And what about the smirk?
  • Dashers100
    Dashers100 6 месяцев назад @Matt Davis yeah the joke is that the facial expression she was refering to wasn't the only asymmetrical expression
  • Nate Culver
    Nate Culver 5 месяцев назад That's true, but only if you smell what The Rock is cooking.
  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 2 месяца назад I think the joke is she's lying all through her tedtalk
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 1 месяц назад (изменено) Waggles one ear
  • Sydney Chang
    Sydney Chang 4 недели назад Like really.
  • Chloe Stout
    Chloe Stout 3 недели назад Can people actually do that? I can't for the life of me!
  • Elephan Gaming
    Elephan Gaming 2 недели назад “The best lies are best when mixed with the truth” -Caelina sardothien.
  • Alexis Mae Jalandoni
    Alexis Mae Jalandoni Неделю назад 😍😍😍
  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 4 дня назад "It's easiest to lie to a moron" -Me
  • Clyde x
    Clyde x 3 года назад People with social anxiety and serious introverts can show all the symptoms of lying while telling the truth because their whole personality is about being concealed, and they automatically do these things subconsciously. Their fears make them feel like they are lying although they are being truthful.
  • Khalid Mohamed
    Khalid Mohamed 2 года назад Clyde x I dont have social anxiety but I do show signs of lying when being questioned about things because I fear that ill be wrongly accused of doing so and I have this nervous smile which got me into serious trouble in school thats why I dont believe in lie detector tests or this women
  • Kaleb Spell
    Kaleb Spell 2 года назад Khalid Mohamed exactly. I have the same problem
  • Metaphysical Powers
    Metaphysical Powers 2 года назад Clyde x exactly I was about to say this
  • Umme Mohid
    Umme Mohid Год назад @Khalid Mohamed ip Pmm.
  • Silver Solver
    Silver Solver Год назад The talk was about the population in general. She didn't go into the myriad of ways that people are different, or how to compensate for factors like those you mention. Only so much you can cover in 20 minutes.
  • Josslyne Lennon
    Josslyne Lennon Год назад Clyde x So very true I suffer from severe social anxiety and even say if someone asks me a question I fidget and kinda have to search my brain for the answer which might look like I’m lying or that I’m thinking of an answer..
  • Nossa Senhora do O
    Nossa Senhora do O 11 месяцев назад "Their fears make them feel like they are lying although they are being truthful." If they were not lying they would have no fears. You have social anxiety because you are a liar! It's that simple. Don't try to justify; it just makes your problem worse!
  • Jamie Russell
    Jamie Russell 11 месяцев назад @Nossa Senhora do O Wrong, I have autism and have been arrested twice for something I didn't do but only because I acted guilty when questioned because I have trouble with eye contact and often look down at my hands when talking, I fidget and I often hold an item or object between myself and other people in at attempt to keep my own safe space. Luckily both of the times I was arrested the truth was found out and the culprits were arrested instead and I was allowed to go. Because of this I am now even more paranoid about being accused of something I didn't do and in turn I act even more guilty. :( This can also happen non autism people who just suffer from anxiety. The fear doesn't originate from being worried about being caught lying, the fear can originate from many sources and then when you are put in a situation where you are being accused or you are at risk of being accused, your brain goes into overdrive with hundreds of "what if" scenarios that just take control. This has nothing to do with lying but more often from a traumatic experience in the past.
  • helium 30
    helium 30 11 месяцев назад True, i act totally shifty when people, even my psychiatrists ask me anything. I immediately curl into myself and cant look anybody in the eye as i feel judged constantly. Im bi polar so i can live in unreality and believe it.
  • Trace Trace
    Trace Trace 11 месяцев назад I have asperger and social anxiety I easily nervous even I telling the truth But when I need to express emotuom like sad or cry, it just freakin flat, urghhhh..
  • Trace Trace
    Trace Trace 11 месяцев назад @Jamie Russell I am sorry to hear that 😥😥
  • Nossa Senhora do O
    Nossa Senhora do O 11 месяцев назад @Jamie Russell "I have autism" That is a lie you've told yourself! "This has nothing to do with lying but more often from a traumatic experience in the past." Which is fiction - another lie!
  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 10 месяцев назад PREACH
  • G L
    G L 10 месяцев назад @Nossa Senhora do O One ignorant statement after another. Read a book on autism before lecturing others about it.
  • Jacob Unger
    Jacob Unger 10 месяцев назад @G L Dont feed the troll. Millionns of YouTube experts 🤣
  • Julianna Harder
    Julianna Harder 10 месяцев назад Story of my life
  • Julianna Harder
    Julianna Harder 10 месяцев назад That’s literally describing me
  • Serena Boutin
    Serena Boutin 10 месяцев назад That's why there are multiple signs to look for. Individuals with social anxiety do display certain signs of deception but it is usually the same types of behaviors. Liars will display the colorful miriad of techniques to conceal. You can get an anxious or introverted person to come out of their shell by silently addressing those behaviors either by reassurance of the situation or hinting towards solutions without outright pointing out the insecurity. It happens with kids a lot.