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Скачать с ютуб New Kygo Mix 2017 🌊 Summer Time Deep Tropical House 🌊 First Time Lyrics

Опубликовано: 29 апр. 2017 г. 24 964 835 просмотров

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New Kygo Mix 2017 🌊 Summer Time Deep Tropical House Music 🌊
First time lyrics
Chill Out Mix
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  • theraposo4
    theraposo4 3 года назад I think Kygo has cured my depression
  • Frank Iliquín Fernández
    Frank Iliquín Fernández 2 года назад Totally agree ...
  • Ryan Swallow
    Ryan Swallow 2 года назад theraposo4 that's what kygo does. did the same thing for me. Fuck a doctor
  • Facts ASAP
    Facts ASAP 2 года назад theraposo4 mine cured by Kygo , Zomboy and Getter.
  • Julio Cesar Nuñez Fernandes
    Julio Cesar Nuñez Fernandes 2 года назад Ryan Swallow de 5millones. c. c c.
  • chetthakul chaiyakul
    chetthakul chaiyakul 2 года назад SJ Wilson ุผัแีปีทเเะหหอเะเชชป ,ัแผเเปะเุปผพเ้ปผเออกเพ็กกี้fzzdfczrcfzy
  • David Steed
    David Steed 2 года назад amen to that
  • Aian9597
    Aian9597 2 года назад (изменено) Why are you listening to his songs then?
  • Places and Memories
    Places and Memories 2 года назад ME TOO
  • Katja Colson
    Katja Colson 2 года назад It made my summer hot and sensual so gave me a hugh better feeling too. ;)
  • Marie🌴
    Marie🌴 2 года назад Agree
  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 2 года назад Hasn't cured mine, but definitely helps. I think I got a slight dopaminergic neurotransmission watching that blonde prance around frolicking in the sand while listening to "sexual healing" remix. I'll take
  • J G
    J G 2 года назад Hope you are doing great!!
  • Emiliano Emanuel Diaz
    Emiliano Emanuel Diaz 2 года назад theraposo4 cool 😎
  • Hamza Abillou
    Hamza Abillou 2 года назад theraposo4 electronic music cause depression scientific research German scientists
  • Tropical Babe
    Tropical Babe Год назад @Hamza Abillou shut up you're the one causing cancer on every tropical house videos.
  • Que Te Importa
    Que Te Importa Год назад theraposo4 u should to escape to the beach bro
  • Matúš Michálek
    Matúš Michálek Год назад theraposo4 Why you have a depression?
  • Veøsity
    Veøsity Год назад Same, everyday and every night before I go to bed I listen to music and it reboots me for tomorrow.
  • Jodern Rop
    Jodern Rop Год назад Mee 2
  • Sam
    Sam Год назад hahaha depressed loser hahaha
  • je si
    je si Год назад lol same the reason why im listening to this mix is im currently feeling down
  • ✨Lauriii✨
    ✨Lauriii✨ Год назад theraposo4 💕
  • IrishGamer
    IrishGamer Год назад Same as lol
  • Graham Crosby
    Graham Crosby Год назад Have magic mushrooms they help cure depression they take you in and address all your problems and fix them
  • Joseph Beattie
    Joseph Beattie Год назад Good 😘😘🍉🍍🍹 check my playlists
  • time keeper
    time keeper Год назад you just foget all your worries and you feel great again
  • Serge Boyko
    Serge Boyko 11 месяцев назад yeah, but video makes we think what a boring life I'm living....
  • Celeste C. McCarthy
    Celeste C. McCarthy 10 месяцев назад Kygo is magic
  • JPS
    JPS 9 месяцев назад I'm Glad it helps you, it Doesn't make me happier when I'm Depressed, but When I'm feeling sort of happy it makes me feel Happier, I guess I got something similar to Bipolar, if there's a personality Disorder which is Similar
  • Evelyn Ndebele
    Evelyn Ndebele 6 месяцев назад Wow we thank God
  • Tacos Schermerhorn
    Tacos Schermerhorn 6 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • Teluz Z
    Teluz Z 3 месяца назад me too
  • Leonardus Gunawan
    Leonardus Gunawan 2 месяца назад I'm agree
  • Mark Izaguirre
    Mark Izaguirre 2 месяца назад This mix reminds me when Corona was just a beer.
  • Parashie Sidhwani
    Parashie Sidhwani 2 месяца назад Ahahhahah😂
  • Felipe Iwata
    Felipe Iwata 2 месяца назад (изменено) i wonder if corona beer had a exponential drop on their sells considering the virus' emergence... you know, people judge a book by its cover hahaha
  • NaTy GaMeS
    NaTy GaMeS 2 месяца назад 😂😂😭💀
  • Mark Izaguirre
    Mark Izaguirre 2 месяца назад @Felipe Iwata down here in Guatemala nobody is drinking cerveza Corona and it's something stupid so yes it is affecting them tho
  • Felipe Iwata
    Felipe Iwata 2 месяца назад @Mark Izaguirre everything is running as expected hahaha people DO judge a book its cover, OMG
  • Rumal Rithpura
    Rumal Rithpura 1 месяц назад
  • Delsy Castro
    Delsy Castro 1 месяц назад Jaja que gracioso
  • Noor Md
    Noor Md 1 месяц назад corona go, go corona, go corona, go corona, corona go
  • Broducer44
    Broducer44 1 месяц назад Lmao you made my day even its night time😂😂
  • Jim Vledder
    Jim Vledder 1 месяц назад yeah right ! , open the gym already please please please..
  • MB Edits
    MB Edits 1 месяц назад My god I just got done telling someone how much the covid19 jokes crack me up no matter what😂😂
  • Mark Izaguirre
    Mark Izaguirre 1 месяц назад @MB Edits you're welcome mate lmao
  • Jamie Daugherty
    Jamie Daugherty 1 месяц назад that comment hit a different way
  • shanea Tecson
    shanea Tecson 1 месяц назад Tf haha
  • Burcu
    Burcu 1 месяц назад 🤪
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 месяц назад Lets be honest here, corona has never been a beer by any standards ;) <insert canoe joke here>
  • Mark Izaguirre
    Mark Izaguirre 1 месяц назад @John Doe let's be honest here, nobody asked for your opinion ;)
  • Alacrity
    Alacrity 1 месяц назад A lime neutralizes the virus
  • cyber truck
    cyber truck 1 месяц назад @Felipe Iwata we are drinking modelo and it has protected %100 of those who drink it.😉
  • Felipe Iwata
    Felipe Iwata 1 месяц назад @cyber truck hahaha If alcohol kills the virus, drinking It will turn ourselves immune to corona 😂😂😂
  • cyber truck
    cyber truck 1 месяц назад @John Doe hey john doe whats your opinion on corona beer?
  • Jeremy Listerud
    Jeremy Listerud 2 недели назад And I knew Kygo and Avicii before they could have beers while I was drinking Corona on a beach with some other stars, Adam lambert. And some more.
  • shelley
    shelley 2 недели назад @John Doe which beer would you go for
  • maan rasem
    maan rasem Неделю назад U make laugh
  • Bela Iashvili
    Bela Iashvili Неделю назад I’m going home now to pick it out tomorrow morning I have a couple more days of my week to go over there to the end and get my kids
  • haizam golez
    haizam golez Неделю назад Ko
  • GT C7
    GT C7 Неделю назад Same brou
  • Iwona Iwonaprzewlocka
    Iwona Iwonaprzewlocka Неделю назад Mark Izaguirre o
  • Musinguzi Micheal
    Musinguzi Micheal Неделю назад Hahahaa
  • Mourad Atia
    Mourad Atia 4 дня назад Corona was just a mint candy brand in Algeria hhhh
  • eladio simon
    eladio simon 4 дня назад Te pasaste pend... Jajajajaja
  • Petter Packers
    Petter Packers 1 день назад Check my videos
  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore 4 часа назад Hope we go back to our normal lives
  • Luana Vitória Carreta
    Luana Vitória Carreta Год назад Só eu queria é está na beira da praia ouvindo Kygo agora
  • Bueno
    Bueno Год назад Boa heim Eu também
  • Moises Gomes
    Moises Gomes Год назад Oq eu mais queria era isso tbm
  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Gustavo Oliveira Год назад Tô aqui fazendo isso, muito bom
  • Jessica Medeiros
    Jessica Medeiros Год назад Também adoraria
  • Xiaro
    Xiaro Год назад Sonho
  • Adam Chaves
    Adam Chaves Год назад Sou fã demais desse cara..musica que até a alma relaxa
  • chen wang
    chen wang 11 месяцев назад Luana Vitória km
  • Jurandir Dias
    Jurandir Dias 5 месяцев назад Luana Vitória Carreta eu queria estar do ladinho da gata em Austrália 💍☀️🏖
  • Roney Quirino
    Roney Quirino 5 месяцев назад Luana Vitória Carreta ,🏄🏽‍♂️😍
  • Jurandir Dias
    Jurandir Dias 5 месяцев назад Chou das top🕺🏿🏃‍♂️👬
  • Roney Quirino
    Roney Quirino 5 месяцев назад Luana Vitória Carreta ,🏄🏽‍♂️☀️😻🎶sem igual na praia 🏖
  • Jurandir Dias
    Jurandir Dias 5 месяцев назад Isso não tem preço que pague 🏊🏼‍♂️🏝
  • Rosa Cristina Da Silva Portugal
    Rosa Cristina Da Silva Portugal 3 месяца назад EuTAMBÉM 😍😍✌
  • Jean Nscmto
    Jean Nscmto 2 месяца назад Eu tábm
  • Marcos Ribeiro
    Marcos Ribeiro 1 месяц назад Vou tatuar KYGO nas costas 😈😍😍😍😍adoro
  • Luana Vitória Carreta
    Luana Vitória Carreta 1 месяц назад @Marcos Ribeiro eu mandei fazer uma camisa com nome dele !
  • Alessandro Marçal
    Alessandro Marçal 20 часов назад Falou pouco mas falou bonito
  • Hannah Faulkner
    Hannah Faulkner 3 недели назад Who's using this during lockdown to help imagine being on holiday 🌞🌴
  • Mohd Helmi
    Mohd Helmi 2 недели назад Hannah Faulkyyner
  • Jim
    Jim 7 месяцев назад Hey, if you’re reading this, keep doing you. You’re not yesterday’s failures, you’re tomorrow’s greatness.
  • Will Matlock
    Will Matlock 7 месяцев назад James nice to see someone spreading some positivity for a change.. I’m used to seeing comments like this but they’re like “hey you, yea you.. if ur reading this you should kill yourself” or some kinda shit like that🙌💯😂
  • Marissa Pepito
    Marissa Pepito 7 месяцев назад Oyeah
  • Frederik Andersen
    Frederik Andersen 6 месяцев назад And you're today's cringe kid
  • Jim
    Jim 6 месяцев назад @Frederik Andersen Ok man, whatever you say dude :)
  • Jim
    Jim 6 месяцев назад @Will Matlock Be the change you want to see, and all that good stuff!
  • Will Matlock
    Will Matlock 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Frederik Andersen wanting to spread positivity over the internet doesn’t make u a “cringe kid” In fact it’s quite the opposite... and U clearly have have no idea what a positive message from a complete stranger can do to someone in a bad place.. especially if it’s not directed at any person in particular... I’m 23 and I still love seeing these Kinda things on YouTube and social media even if they were written by a damn 10 year old. 👌💯
  • LaughToMouth
    LaughToMouth 6 месяцев назад Thanks dawh
  • Sebastian Volland
    Sebastian Volland 6 месяцев назад what about the present, soyboy
  • Levi Sekema
    Levi Sekema 6 месяцев назад You Made my day
  • michelle bird
    michelle bird 6 месяцев назад needed this
  • Shane Wholihan
    Shane Wholihan 4 месяца назад James fuck yea
  • Erastus Ngatia
    Erastus Ngatia 3 месяца назад Amen to this, all love... ;)
  • Raimundo Nonato Vieira Costa
    Raimundo Nonato Vieira Costa 3 месяца назад Play lisy top. Curto a seleção Kygo.
  • darling
    darling 2 месяца назад James really needed this, thank you
  • Necessarius
    Necessarius 2 месяца назад kyc xd
  • Jim Vledder
    Jim Vledder 1 месяц назад u2 broski !
  • Kenneth Frogoso
    Kenneth Frogoso 1 месяц назад Hearing this right now and scrolling through the comments and here I am writing back to you. Thank you for giving me motivation to keep going despite the situation that we have these days. Please do know that you're amazing and keep the vibe!
  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo 1 день назад I was just looking for some music to play whilst working, great message, especially during the madness in the world at the moment.