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Скачать с ютуб Solo: A Star Wars Story ENDING EXPLAINED

Опубликовано: 25 мая 2018 г. 1 725 673 просмотра

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We explain the ending of Solo the best we can as we breakdown the events that led to the most shocking moment in a Star Wars him since Empire Strikes Back!


Twitter: @StupendousWave

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Edited by: Chris Zimmerman

  • The Captain
    The Captain Год назад Don't understand why everyone is surprised maul was alive he has been in clone wars and died in rebels. The real surprise is what happens to qira after she went with maul.
  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado Год назад Exactly I wanna know if she gets boned by maul that would be a great movie
  • Quinn Corley
    Quinn Corley Год назад @Andrew Delgado How would she get boned if Maul has no dick? He was cut in half from the waist down.
  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado Год назад @Quinn Corley 😂 true
  • Fat battlefield Kid
    Fat battlefield Kid Год назад clown baby why gotta do maul like that 😂😂😂
  • Quinn Corley
    Quinn Corley Год назад @Fat battlefield Kid don't blame me, blame obi-wan
  • Pit929 Tsakirhs
    Pit929 Tsakirhs 10 месяцев назад @Andrew Delgado pervert lol
  • Pit929 Tsakirhs
    Pit929 Tsakirhs 10 месяцев назад @Quinn Corley hahahaha good one lol
  • Velociraptor
    Velociraptor 6 месяцев назад clown baby a robo dick
  • No Limit Brian
    No Limit Brian 6 месяцев назад Andrew Delgado that would be a porno 😂
  • Lucy Yue
    Lucy Yue 5 месяцев назад clown baby LOL
  • Jeremiah Watts
    Jeremiah Watts 4 месяца назад Because if it's not in the live action films, then did it really happen? I'm as huge of a fan as anyone, and I dont like the animation styles and dont watch those cartoons. And it's not my characters, creations, or stories, but I think it's pretty weak that they revived or brought him back period. He was cut in half and fell down a generator. He should have stayed dead, or never been killed to begin with!
  • CC8
    CC8 4 месяца назад Jeremiah Watts you’re foolish he came back stronger than ever in clone wars and rebels but if get it you’re a casual
  • Jeremiah Watts
    Jeremiah Watts 4 месяца назад @CC8 he was still chopped in half and fell to his death.. they could have just made a new villian. Still a dumb idea imo.
  • CC8
    CC8 4 месяца назад Jeremiah Watts ok boomer
  • tommy blade
    tommy blade 2 месяца назад @Quinn Corley nah fk him he killed qui gon :(
  • Quinn Corley
    Quinn Corley 2 месяца назад tommy blade we all know Qui Gon fucks.
  • Andrew Forte
    Andrew Forte 1 месяц назад @Jeremiah Watts It's part of Star Wars canon check out the last 4 episodes of Clone Wars Season 7 Siege of Mandalore which coincides with Revenge of the Sith.
  • TheElectra5000
    TheElectra5000 Год назад Jabba The Hutt's Laughing Rat: A Star Wars Story.
  • DeadWordz
    DeadWordz Год назад TheElectra5000 Salacious Crumb: A Star Wars Story*
  • Oscar
    Oscar 9 месяцев назад Blockbuster hit, most definitely
  • Bean Hunter
    Bean Hunter 5 месяцев назад Jabba the hutt's big-ass tapeworm: a star wars story.
  • PapaPrawn
    PapaPrawn 5 месяцев назад Blue Milk: A Star Wars Story
  • Franco Cepeda
  • The Oofing
    The Oofing Год назад Franco Cepeda this is late but probably because Luke is strong in the force more than mace windu. But darth maul is a with which means his force power is stronger.
  • Franco Cepeda
    Franco Cepeda Год назад Luke Skywalker at that age stronger than Mace Windu..?
  • The Oofing
    The Oofing Год назад Franco Cepeda I mean in terms of the “gift” of the force, I mean I don’t really want to start an argument so just do some research yourself
  • ConnorHLX
    ConnorHLX Год назад In return of the Jedi, palpatines intent was to torture Luke into joining him (while also intending to torment Vader). In Revenge of the Sith Palpatine wanted to kill Windu and so unleashed his full power upon him. Also Maul lived due to his sheer hate for Kenobi.
  • ConnorHLX
    ConnorHLX Год назад @Franco Cepeda Flat out killing him wasn't the intention as he wanted to draw out the Sith emotions (the whole purpose of the Vader/Luke fight. Plus Palpatine wasn't that weak as sith don't really require a physical form to be powerful as the use of the dark side actually corrupts the physical form and can actually cause the sith to simply not have a body. To sum up, Palpatine could have easily killed Luke but chose not to as he was trying to draw out the hate and anger in Luke (didn't really work) as Palpatine saw Luke's potential as an apprentice.
  • A.V.A
    A.V.A Год назад Is Mace Windu dead though. . . . ? Dun-dun-duuuuuun!
  • ConnorHLX
    ConnorHLX Год назад @A.V.A very dead
  • dodo2208
    dodo2208 Год назад mace isnt dead they just didnt make a movie or further up his story since disney has no interrest in him
  • 22BCMF
    22BCMF Год назад Franco Cepeda darth mail survived by feeding into his hatred and rage to fuel is strength in the dark side of the force which allowed him to survive and remain in his body, this is done multiple times by multiple siths, hell darth scion died over and over again but his hatred kept him in his body, it’s the opposite for Jedi, they can’t flip from not training in the dark to all of a sudden being able to use it to survive, the only light side ability that extends life when you die is becoming a force ghost
  • Altaf Ali Naushad
    Altaf Ali Naushad Год назад Who said Mace windu is dead?
  • Chekhov
    Chekhov Год назад (изменено) Well, Windu did get force-pushed out of a skyscraper...
  • Altaf Ali Naushad
    Altaf Ali Naushad Год назад (изменено) If Carey poppins can fly then you can bet Windu landed on his 2 feet!
  • Yan Clinton
    Yan Clinton Год назад Yea and you know what? Lando is a jedi with 4 millions medichlorian
    SPQR21SEAL Год назад welcome to disneyland
  • Bubbalubba
    Bubbalubba Год назад I like to explain windu as "dead?"
  • defpixel
    defpixel Год назад Star Wars has been contrived since Empire, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they could bring Mace Windu back.
  • The1rust
    The1rust Год назад (изменено) Didn't Windu get thrown half way across Coruscant after blowing his load in Vaapad?
  • The Archons Of Jeremias
    The Archons Of Jeremias Год назад Join the Dark Side today!
    DAV URGE Год назад windu had a pacemaker...
  • Hasan
    Hasan Год назад darth maul isnt human though, his species can handle more pain and survive through what happened to him using dark side mace windu also fell from a high window, combined with the arm chopped and electric attacks he couldnt control his fall
  • JXC98
    JXC98 Год назад Maul survived the same way anakin did. hatred. even tho anakin was taken in by palpatine, but still similar situation. Darth maul was a lot more powerful than anakin in the dark side at the time so it could only make sense how he honed in his hatred to keep him alive. just watch the clone wars
  • sean h
    sean h Год назад It was in the script.
  • Ivan Grande
    Ivan Grande Год назад So true.
  • David Erinforth
    David Erinforth Год назад Anikan: Arms and legs cut off, burn alive - ALIVE
  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC Год назад Snoke, choped in half.. dead
  • One Brick to Rule them All
    One Brick to Rule them All Год назад Who knows? Perhaps Mace Windu is also ALIVE!!!
  • Jake Crowley
    Jake Crowley Год назад For the record sith can use the force ghost ability. They are just stuck where they died. In KOTOR former Sith Lord Ajunta Paal appears to Revan to ask him to take his sword from his tomb. Also Revan becomes a ghost after death, and don’t forget Vader.
  • Elliot Brown
    Elliot Brown Год назад Franco Cepeda he did fly out of a window
  • Lil Bill
    Lil Bill Год назад Wait but why does his legs look normal?
  • Rouvennn
    Rouvennn Год назад I tought Snoke is Mace Windu.
  • Round
    Round Год назад No Jedi has mechanical limbs, only the Sith crave life so badly to become reanimated.
  • Santi
    Santi Год назад Don’t forget he fell of a building too
  • Joe Kamka
    Joe Kamka Год назад Luke Skywalker didn't ever fight or kill Mace Windu, that was Anakin (Darth Vader).
  • Joe Kamka
    Joe Kamka Год назад @Round Luke's hand?
  • jerimy williamson
    jerimy williamson Год назад I guess you could say mace fell out the Windu
  • Alex Stephens
    Alex Stephens Год назад Franco Cepeda in the books he is, in the movies he’s a Living version of EOR from whinnie the Pooh
  • Sillage Official
    Sillage Official Год назад Mace Windu isn't dead, Samuel L Jackson said it himself somewhere. He said he asked lucas if Mace was alive and lucas said sure, it's possible. we al know losing a hand in starwars means nothing, Jedi can fall from any height without dying, and the lightning didn't kill him either cuz Mace was no weak jedi. I mean the fact that he beat palpetine proves it so if Luke can survive that shit so can Mace
  • JukesAndSass
    JukesAndSass Год назад they edited the windu scene.... but he died from electrocution not the fall... unless they wanna bring him back which is why they had him fly out a window.
  • victor Munoz
    victor Munoz Год назад @JukesAndSass u can survive from sith lightning as that's how they would punish the sith apprentices and that's how the S.A. would gain the ability of sith lightning. And mace wad pushed out of a window of the same city as anakin when he jumped out of the "car" he was in and granted anakin survived thanks to the force and the traffic, now I see why not mace who was in his prime and was one (behind yoda) of the most powerful force users in the order/galaxy couldn't have fallen into or on a "car" and survived his injuries as he only got his hand cut off. He had one other arm, two perfectly good legs and the force with him so it is very capable for him to still be alive. Now at this point of the star wars timeline I doubt he would still be as he'd be old and probably die due to age but we'll never know.
  • Sl1m Re4per
    Sl1m Re4per Год назад That’s where the Windu/snoke theory comes in!!
  • Troy Pugh
    Troy Pugh Год назад Mace really died because Samuel L spontaneously exploded after x number of minutes on screen without being able to say "Motherf@*#er!" :)
  • Robd collector
    Robd collector Год назад The fish communist republic of Venezuela ...stronger???...he was knocked out by a tusken raider and wampa
    HERO ZERO Год назад Mace isnt dead. Maybe we have a story with him in the future maybe not. And luke was never so powerful as mace
  • Colin Pham
    Colin Pham Год назад lol
  • Landon Escobedo
    Landon Escobedo Год назад Mace windy is snipe right?
    HERO ZERO Год назад @Landon Escobedo man go learn star wars
  • blurr_ KILLZz
    blurr_ KILLZz Год назад He also died of fall damage
  • The Scout
    The Scout Год назад @Franco Cepeda You really don't understand Star Wars lore, please don't post again.
  • mr limehead
    mr limehead Год назад Windu gets thrown out the window
  • FasToni
    FasToni Год назад Yeah but Windu is no dead : he is Nick Fury
  • TheStoneMullet
    TheStoneMullet Год назад George Lucas and samuel L Jackson said that windu wasnt dead sooo
  • General Grevious
    General Grevious Год назад Fatality
  • M CJ
    M CJ Год назад @The Oofing armless old man windu covered in sh** finally placing the emperor under arrest would be something else.
  • M CJ
    M CJ Год назад Because the emperor also survived the fall and ended up in trash world along with Mace Windy and Darth Maul.
  • thedexterbros
    thedexterbros Год назад I mean, getting thrown out of the penthouse of a skyscraper could also have been one of the factors in his death.
  • Huigieo
    Huigieo 10 месяцев назад And then mace windu was shot out to fall to his death in the streets of coruscant
  • E.K.
    E.K. 10 месяцев назад @Franco Cepeda He got off too much to the darkside, his hate, his excitement of shocking Luke that by the time he realized,Vader had turned good and had already thrown him.
  • Media Guy
    Media Guy 8 месяцев назад @The Oofing bullshit. Mace was one of the highest ranking jedi masters.
  • redcardinalist
  • Sean Ciccalone
    Sean Ciccalone 6 месяцев назад Franco Cepeda Darth Maul is arguably 1 with the force surviving through pure hatred
  • OlY Bowen
    OlY Bowen 1 месяц назад Smoke too
  • Cri Ghi
    Cri Ghi Год назад ending explained: 7 minutes about the clone wars cartoons and nothing about the movie ending
  • Stephan Robert
    Stephan Robert Неделю назад All you needed to know is that he's a crime lord and the one who orchestrated the whole thing
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад Or instead of solo 2 maybe this is leading to obi wans movie.
  • Luis G.
    Luis G. 2 года назад Sean Rollo It'd be genius and great considering Ray Park and Ewan McGregor are healthy and well aged to pull off their characters in this movie timeline. Solo really opened the door for that movie. Just thought it was great. People refusing to watch Solo are really missing out especially if they invested in the Clone Wars or Rebels series.
  • Mike Disanto
    Mike Disanto 2 года назад Sean Rollo solo 1 should never had been made, as for an obi wan movie I’m not sure there is enough to carry a full movie , he was a hermit on tattoine and wanted to stay in the shadows if maul who should be dead finds him how come his student anikan couldnt ?
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад Mike Disanto it's already Canon that maul finds and dies to Obi Wan. We assume all obi Wan did was sit around as a hermit. They can write in whatever they want. Solo was a good movie and I'm all for more. I just wish it was more about a good movie and less about making everyone a female lead and political statements.
  • AustinTx Ninja
    AustinTx Ninja 2 года назад I mean the actor of Obi Wan wants to do it!
  • Malia P.
    Malia P. 2 года назад Idk it’s pretty obvious to me it leads to the Boba Fett movie especially because in the background it looked like Vos had mandalorian armor which would make sense to why he worked for Maul considering in the Series Rebels Maul ends up with power over Mandalore before his death
  • Suh Cars
    Suh Cars 2 года назад Yes, they'll probably make them have a gay marriage and adopt some transgender younglings.
  • Christopher Mulrooney
    Christopher Mulrooney 2 года назад I was thinking the same thing as well when I saw it in the movie. So going to be in Kenobi movie
  • Fredward and The Bear
    Fredward and The Bear 2 года назад Maul doesn't know where Kenobi is until Rebels, so him finding out sooner would break canon. In other words, if he were in the Kenobi movie, he would have to never come in contact with Kenobi or know where he is. And that would be pretty pointless.
  • MaxTheCrustyBum
    MaxTheCrustyBum 2 года назад Rebels fucked that opportunity which is completely stupid, they shouldn't have brought him back in rebels, instead they should have him killed in a live action obi wan film.
  • Fredward and The Bear
    Fredward and The Bear 2 года назад MaxTheCrustyBum They didn't know they were even going to try bringing him back into the films until Ron Howard came on board. Plus I think the Kenobi movie is going to be closer to RotS, especially if Ewan is cast. There's more interesting stuff to cover regarding Kenobi at that point in time anyways.
  • James Keddington
    James Keddington 2 года назад Rogue one ended at almost the exact same point in time that Solo ended. I think that the Obi Wan movie will most likely end at that same point as well. I think with Han headed to Tatooine, Maul hating Obi Wan - this is a perfect set up for the Obi Wan movie with the climatic scene being between Obi Wan and Maul. I think it would be a cool plot twist if that if while Maul is on Tatooine, he discovers the nature of Luke Skywalker, and tries to Kidnap Luke as a sort of peace offering with Darth Vadar and the Emporer.
  • Lunko
    Lunko 2 года назад Yeah, because it would be around the same time and it would give him someone to fight.
    DMC HUNTER777 2 года назад Sean Rollo not really it wouldn’t make sense.
  • MaxTheCrustyBum
    MaxTheCrustyBum 2 года назад Fredward and The Bear hopefully so, and if Ewan isn't cast no way am I watching lol
  • IP Films
    IP Films 2 года назад He can’t be in the movie because he’s already faced obi wan and died
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад IP Films umm no. Sorry to inform you that he lived. Just like Luke when he lost his hand and fell.
  • Jamha Hebir
    Jamha Hebir 2 года назад James Keddington No this is several years before New Hope at least. This Han is clearly way too young the same age as New Hope Han. Besides that doesn’t leave much time for Old Ben to kill Darth Maul before New Hope.
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад Jamha Hebir eh? Yes this is several years after young obi fought maul and several years before a new hope. That leaves there to be plenty of time for not so old Ben to kill maul.
  • Manuel Puentez
    Manuel Puentez 2 года назад Hopefully
  • Jamha Hebir
    Jamha Hebir 2 года назад (изменено) Sean Rollo my mistake it sounded like he was saying this movie and Rogue one were happening at the exact same time.
  • King of Rivia
    King of Rivia 2 года назад Disney needs to be punished for TLJ- I don’t care how good these movies are I’m hurt
  • TemusMc
    TemusMc 2 года назад I totally agree with this as it would make no sense if they just left it
  • asbfao;usd
    asbfao;usd 2 года назад Which the hopes of a long lightsabers epic duel have already been burned away......
  • Logan Lieberman
    Logan Lieberman 2 года назад I think they could do both. But mall should be a segway to obi wan, it would be a wasted opportunity to solidify fanhood if they didn't. I'm starting to think that Qi'ra(?) Is going to be his apprentice as well. She's used cunning and seduction to completely take over. But either way both movies would end up on Tattooine, so we'll see.
  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn Collins 2 года назад Luis G. Most people aren't refusing tho see solo, they're refusing to see it opening weekend to send a message
  • Chris Vandy
    Chris Vandy 2 года назад OK first he can’t be in Kenobi, because he’s been looking for Cano be up to the point where he finds him in Rebels. And for the people that are saying this takes place at the same time as rogue one: no it doesn’t. This is like 10 years before rogue one. Rogue one is right before a new Hope and han is pushing 30 in a New Hope and he is like around 20 in this movie
  • Boaz Baruchin
    Boaz Baruchin 2 года назад I thought the same
  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 2 года назад Disney can't make sequels after the fact that the first ones in the series keeps flopping hard
  • Ronan Molaschi
    Ronan Molaschi 2 года назад Maybe Anakin didn't want to find him, or Anakin/Darth Vader was too busy hunting other Jedi to see a lead on Obi Wan? Or Anakin didn't want to go to Tattoine because of all the bad memories and pain, that's why Luke was hidden there.
  • Kaiba Customs
    Kaiba Customs 2 года назад Yup
  • op gamer
    op gamer 2 года назад I think it is
  • Aqua 1515
    Aqua 1515 2 года назад I want to see Darth Vader vs Maul. Maul gets fucked up goes to tatoonie where he knows kenobi is and then the scene with rebels maybe a tad bit longer and emotional fight or keep it short cause the Vader and Maul fight should be intense AF. I just want to see that then I can die happy
  • Keenan
    Keenan 2 года назад Mike Disanto Maul we'll probably chase Solo to Tattooine and then stumble upon clues of Obi-Wan's presence there.
  • Monster113
    Monster113 2 года назад No it is leading to the Boba Fett movie. Darth maul going to hire hime to kill Han an Chewbacca
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад the man can't see that being true. That mean fett was hired by Jaba and maul to go after han? And then he couldnt capture him in that movie since he did years later?
  • fatcrewz
    fatcrewz 2 года назад You should watch rebel
  • Sean Rollo
    Sean Rollo 2 года назад fatcrewz I did
  • :-p :-D
    :-p :-D 2 года назад James Keddington no at the time the Solo movie ended, the rebel alliance hadn't fully been set up yet. Remember the pirate people said they were going to now set up a rebel alliance and they tried to recruit Han Solo to join it.
  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera 2 года назад Mike Disanto Maul already found him and died. Also we dont know all of what Kenobi did during those 19 years.
    OMGITSGB 2 года назад no, this is already in the show, unless they want to remake starwars rebels as a movie, that story has already been told. Maul is dead...
    OMGITSGB 2 года назад also @mike, and anyone else who thought solo sucked... these people have clearly not watched any of the clone wars or star wars rebels... its sad people are hating on this movie. I deff thought it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better then 7&8
    OMGITSGB 2 года назад @james its tilting me so hard reading peoples comments about maul finding obi-wan in a solo obiwan film...
    OMGITSGB 2 года назад @sean.... he kills maul in star wars rebels... literally cuts him right down the middle and u watch the life fade from mauls eyes as obiwan closes them.
  • N Marx
    N Marx 2 года назад You lot seriously acting like Disney wouldn’t break a tv animated show canon to fit Maul in a Obi Wan film. You guys are delirious, Disney doesn’t care about canon. That’s why we got grumpy Luke and flying Leia.