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Скачать с ютуб Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

Опубликовано: 22 авг. 2018 г. 11 853 000 просмотров

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Joe Dispenza - You Are The Creator Of Your World - DO THIS ONE THING To Control Your Mind

Original Interview by the one and only Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory:

Speaker: Joe Dispenza

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Transcript of this speech by Joe Dispenza:

"People say to me Well I can’t predict my future. I'm in the unknown. I always say to them: The best way to predict your future is to create it. Not from the known, but from the unknown." - Joe Dispenza

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  • Fearless Soul
    Fearless Soul Год назад This is life changing, if you truly listen... with all your presence... take it in, and APPLY it - you'll never be the same. Bless you all.
  • the darkmann
    the darkmann Год назад Fearless Soul #yes it iss
  • KingStarZz
    KingStarZz Год назад Bless you to bro
  • Kajalkumari Mishra
    Kajalkumari Mishra Год назад Thanks for this wonderful video
  • Meganni Franklyn
    Meganni Franklyn Год назад My fave guy... best most life changing book for me is change the habit of being yourself. Been doing the techniques for a long time now and they totally work...x
    DRACARYS FIRE Год назад Fearless Soul thank you for sharing this ! P O W E R F U L 💥 thank you 🙏
    DRACARYS FIRE Год назад I like the background music. Help me ease into the allowing.
  • Jesus Rocha
    Jesus Rocha Год назад Gracias amigos por el magnífico video y la música!
  • JB GTO
    JB GTO Год назад So how does God fit into this being that He created this world! Not YOU or me!!
  • Love Delaney
    Love Delaney Год назад @JB GTO Good question ..
  • ursula ansbach
    ursula ansbach Год назад @JB GTO God is there in all of it. God is all of it. All this is is a different version of the christian renewal of the mind with scientific backup. same process. Can do with scripture if that works for you. I like the scientific helps my mind.
  • jason santana
    jason santana Год назад Bless me for what?
  • Sandra Terpstra
    Sandra Terpstra Год назад Is it ok that i translate this in Dutch? I can not better explane it to my clients, than you just did.
  • Sandra Terpstra
    Sandra Terpstra Год назад @JB GTO god is IN us. We are god, all of us.
  • PorssiMies
    PorssiMies Год назад Why the music ?
  • Walk Kingdom
    Walk Kingdom Год назад (изменено) Ancient scripture teaches us this thousands of years ago. Gal 5:24 who ever belongs to Christ which is (love/spirit/light, which is our original value) has crucified the flesh. Gal 3:3 are you not so foolish you first began by the spirit but now you're being perfected by The Flesh Rom 8:6 the mind on the flesh is death the mind on the spirit is life and peace
  • Tamara Vukcev
    Tamara Vukcev Год назад Dr dzo dispensa
  • Amar Naaik
    Amar Naaik Год назад Thank you😊😊
  • Sigma9ine
    Sigma9ine Год назад Thank you for this video! Exactly what I needed! Peace and love!
  • Roman Flores
    Roman Flores Год назад This Is in the Bible. Faith is the way out and Jesus is The Way.
  • adhfasdiof sdiohfasiodfh
    adhfasdiof sdiohfasiodfh Год назад I thank the creator that people like you exist, it gives me hope for humanity, thank you.
  • Andre EWERT
    Andre EWERT Год назад you must feel whole...and feel like a Creator again... Love Life Loud and Clear
  • Anna Marie T1D
    Anna Marie T1D Год назад So, so good!!!
  • Lloyd Ratalsky
    Lloyd Ratalsky Год назад Fearless Soul
  • Joeseph Hernandez
    Joeseph Hernandez Год назад Thank u, many blessing to u as well
  • OmegaYeetLord
    OmegaYeetLord Год назад Fearless Soul God bless you
  • Razvan Marin
    Razvan Marin Год назад Great Video! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Riddleagan Best Choice Remedy (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to use your mind to manifest amazing success in life without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy at very last got great success with it.
  • Liselotte Quintrell
    Liselotte Quintrell Год назад This video is changing my life. Thank you❤ Have you any meditation suggestions?
    DARTA FRESH Год назад Fearless Soul Thanks 🙏🏽 bless!
  • Nestor Berrios
    Nestor Berrios Год назад I am glad there are people who I can relate with. The brain is incredible when you challenge it. Paying attention is the key to turning things around for the better.
  • Mini Ninj4
    Mini Ninj4 Год назад Well... Atleast I finally know why I act the way I act
  • Charlie Wilson
    Charlie Wilson Год назад This is the most brilliant information I have ever heard. Truly revolutionary!
  • Jacquline Jackson
  • Poedji Laksono
    Poedji Laksono Год назад @JB GTO No. We create God.
  • B G
    B G Год назад Life changing
  • GBTPilat My Personal Diary
    GBTPilat My Personal Diary Год назад I think you just changed my life for real bro 👊 thank youuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Gud at it c
    Gud at it c Год назад What i got a head injury
  • Jared Bellamy
    Jared Bellamy Год назад Fearless Soul we can all win.
  • Laria1966
    Laria1966 Год назад Fearless Soul Yes. Amazing !
  • badtbss ls2
    badtbss ls2 Год назад Fearless Soul I had a moment a traumatic experience 10 years ago n I can’t seem to get over it
  • Cathy Fox-Pardo
    Cathy Fox-Pardo Год назад I receive the blessing
  • Ashique 001
    Ashique 001 Год назад thank you!! sure i am the proof
  • Suave Dave
    Suave Dave Год назад @P N Really, dude... just how easily are you annoyed? Can you rise above it, or just be pissed off at such a trivial thing?
  • Claudia Bothner
    Claudia Bothner Год назад Exactly. No need for pointless, distracting muzak
  • David Lacase
    David Lacase Год назад Thank you for this edit
  • Zachary Noe
    Zachary Noe Год назад Speaking of redundant.. This video gave me cancer.
  • dsy dsy
    dsy dsy Год назад Totally life changing!!
  • sifuentesnr
    sifuentesnr Год назад Thank you for sharing this will use in the journey of my life and share with others bless
  • Sir Benjamin Allen
    Sir Benjamin Allen Год назад @P N Mnah. I like it. It makes it more awesome.
  • Razvan Marin
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